In Conversation With: Alison Paradoxx

In Conversation With: Alison Paradoxx

Really enjoyed reading this interview, keen for the show tomorrow!

Tulpa Magazine

Floral Peroxide is a personal account of my own journey through the medical system, and navigating society as a whole, in a chronically unwell body,’ says 2016 Poetry Slam Championship Alison Bennett, explaining her debut Fringe 2019 performance: Alison Paradoxx presents Floral Peroxide.

Floral Peroxide explores disability using performance poetry, sound art, and dance to tell her story. ‘As a disabled and chronically ill artist,’ says Bennett, ‘I explore the paradoxes of disability, and the societal desire to ‘fix’ the broken self. My work articulates injury, and trauma through metaphor, sound, and visual theatre.’

Floral Peroxide is based primarily on Bennett’s final diagnosis: Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS), which she’s had since birth but wasn’t diagnosed until she was 40.

‘It was my chance to reclaim my identity and construct my own narrative of how I see myself in the world around me. I was sick of other…

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Welcome to poetryfiend

Welcome to poetryfiend

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog: poetryfiend.

I haven’t always been a huge fan of traditional poetry until a few years ago because to be honest, I didn’t quite understand it. However, I have always loved rap and that at its core is poetry.


Having experienced my own hurdles in life, I have really started to resonate with many poets and commend them for their ability to expose their true self in a way that is captivating and meaningful.

In this blog, I will be debunking traditional poetry from various authors, young and old. I will also be reviewing poetry in rap and music as well as the ever-exciting slam poetry.

However, to clarify, I am no expert in the field of poetry or lyrical word-play. So I am very open to criticism. But I do hope my insight provides you with a new artist to discover or a new piece of work that may just enlighten your day the slightest bit.

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for some mean poetry analysis!