5 Blogs to Check Out if You’re into Poetry!

5 Blogs to Check Out if You’re into Poetry!

1. Australian Poetry Organisation

If you live down under or just want to know more about Australian poetry, you have to check out the Australian Poetry Organisation’s website. They give you information about poet residencies, book launches, gigs happening around Australia, reviews, competitions and so much more!


2. Poetry Foundation

A Chicago based blog that caters to everyone. The dedicated team at Poetry Foundation have created a website thapoetry foundationt is easy to manoeuvre and provides you with poems to suit kids, teenagers and adults. Not to mention it covers a diverse range of poetry and poetry-related news. It allows you to listen to poems and provides you with a learning station to fully understand the literary techniques used in poems (because let’s face it, who remembers or even knows what anthropomorphism is, I surely don’t!).

3. Eat This Poem

Food and poetry combined. Yes please! Nicole Gulotta’s blog shares her love for poetry and cooking. With each recipe, she provides us with personal anecdotes and pairs it with a fitting poem. Her blog has also been featured in Poetry Foundation and The Guardian.


Photograph by Alex on Unsplash


4. Button Poetry

button poetryAll about intriguing, contemporary, slam poetry! Yes, Button Poetry, probably one of the most well-known modern poetry organisations, has a blog. The team behind Button Poetry’s blog, provides you with reviews, writing prompts (for aspiring writers), a recap of their most watched poems, essays and even a merchandise store!


5. Poets United

For poets, by poets. Poets United is for those poets who have a blog and would like to share their work in an accepting environment with other like-minded writers. The blog doesn’t have a sole owner but works by poets all over the world contributing their time and expertise to run the site.

poets united


If you have any poetry blogs that I should check out, please let me know, I would love to hear from you!

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